Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Arse Licking

Arse Licking – A good tongue up a tight crack.

POSTED: 04/02/03 – 03:16
NAME john gittos
EMAIL jgittos@cwctv.net
POST Even better when the skin has a tear in the seat of his jeans.

23 Comments on “Arse Licking”

  1. POSTED: 27/04/06 – 01:45
    NAME Zac
    EMAIL zaccooee@yahoo.com.au
    POST Love having a guy with just his boots on squat over my face, making me eat out his hairy hole while he gives my unprotected balls a good seeing to – a few minutes of that and I’m begging to be fucked hard.

  2. POSTED: 10/04/06 – 10:13
    NAME trevor
    EMAIL tezbery@hotmail.com
    POST mmmm love to dildo with mars bar! till it all melts in then fuck & 69 with a deeeep tonging/sucking

  3. POSTED: 28/03/06 – 09:45
    NAME bob
    EMAIL bob@yahoo.com
    POST I love the smell of a hot sweaty ass sitting on my face.

  4. POSTED: 10/12/05 – 17:45
    NAME John
    POST I liked working up a sweat all day and then getting me arse rimmed after fucking his mouth. I had a bisexual friend and we had an agreement .If his arse itched I’d fuck it for him and If mine itched he rimmed me good to make me feel good. Sometimes I ate beans and he’d keep right on rimming even when I ripped a few nasty farts.
    Making some bottom rim a man is a great way to put the bottom in his place.

  5. POSTED: 07/10/05 – 18:43
    NAME the one
    POST love to eat arse at the end of a long sweaty day! The smell and taste drive me wild! My tongue will soothe your itchy bottom. Like to rim then kiss so u can share the sweet boquet.

  6. POSTED: 08/08/05 – 21:29
    NAME forestfella
    POST omg..i just luv to rim a guy when hes wearin jusy a jock n dox..gettin my tongue right up n bitin, slurpin n nibblin..shovin poppers up his nose..and WOWWWWWWWWWW

  7. POSTED: 02/08/05 – 12:47
    NAME Master Rick
    EMAIL mwh482@yahoo.com
    POST I own a slaveboy . My slaveboy is very nice looking and has a good looking little butt on him. I can not tell you all how many times I’ve licked he little butt hole for and hour or two. My slaveboy has a little hole like a young lad, anyway I love licking my slaveboys little hole right before his master fuck it with NO LUBE.

  8. POSTED: 30/07/05 – 22:49
    NAME pissskin
    EMAIL levettpdl@aol.com
    POST love piss all over my bleached ripped levis and my arse being licked out yummy

  9. POSTED: 20/06/05 – 23:57
    NAME -
    POST this thread i making me so fuckin horny

  10. POSTED: 13/03/05 – 22:11
    NAME john
    EMAIL yerlikedatdontyer@btinternet.com
    POST where can u get a rimmin chair in the uk?

  11. POSTED: 09/02/05 – 03:58
    NAME dynk
    EMAIL barkin_dan@yahoo.com
    POST Nothing like rimming a hot studs ass. Rimmed one yesterday before and after I fucked him, he was howling when he felt my tongue up there, and ended up begging me to fuck him.

  12. POSTED: 28/09/04 – 12:10
    NAME Stickie
    EMAIL ckennedy1@ntlworld.com
    POST My first arse licking was he best… The guy had a great tongue… CK

  13. POSTED: 18/09/04 – 04:15
    NAME Zach
    EMAIL Acksterzay@aol.com
    POST I love tongue fucking a fresh fucked hole! The more dangerous the location the better!! One Fav is on scaffolding at night abouve people… Me rimming while he shoots off on the crowd below. Fucking Riot!!

  14. POSTED: 17/04/04 – 04:37
    NAME Zeke
    EMAIL Acksterzay@aol.com
    POST I love sucking out a nice load… Fill it with me own and flush it in with a nice warm piss… After holding it in till he cramps, a slam fuck pulls it out. Guaranteed to make him cum longer, harder and faster!

  15. POSTED: 29/01/04 – 08:30
    NAME uncut4fairass
    EMAIL UNCUTv@verizon.net
    POST I have a rim seat deluxe with springed hindges to the frame… Great for tonguing an ass deep and hard… I ALWAYS see starz whien I come with my tongue up an ass or visa versa… Wm…

  16. POSTED: 30/11/03 – 11:44
    NAME Pete
    EMAIL peter.grimshaw2@tiscali.co.uk
    POST I love a fit sweaty arse sitting on my face. I service that hole like my life depends on it. I force my tongue up that tight hole. It sure gets my cock rock hard!

  17. POSTED: 16/07/03 – 07:33
    NAME Zach
    EMAIL Acksterzay@aol.com
    POST Love rimming an ass thats just been pounded for the first time and they dont expect it… Especially after being brutalized. You can taste the fear and feel them getting into it. Love the salty taste… or was that the piss running out?!?!

  18. POSTED: 05/07/03 – 22:50
    NAME Ches
    EMAIL castanean@hotmail.com
    POST Seems to me that skins are more up for rimming fun than vanilla queens any day – giving and getting.

  19. POSTED: 27/04/03 – 22:40
    NAME Zach
    EMAIL cruisin602@aol.com
    POST Fresh fucked: Juicy, red and raw… cum-lubed… a beir… nothing better!

  20. POSTED: 21/04/03 – 17:16
    NAME knobber
    EMAIL johnboy19482003@yahoo.co.uk
    POST l got a good rimming last week by a securiy guy at a factory he was looking after in leeds, boy what a tongue.

  21. POSTED: 01/03/03 – 14:13
    NAME Dolescum
    EMAIL dolescum@camb62.fsnet.co.uk
    POST I fuckin loved it when I got rimmed…. this lad couldnt get his tongue up my arsecrack quick enough for some reason…. i was fuckin smilin for weeks after

  22. POSTED: 24/02/03 – 15:44
    NAME Jon
    EMAIL wetskin001@hotmail.com
    POST I’m not a huge fan of arse licking myself… except when its a really dominant/rough skinhead who sits his arse right on my face and forces me to service that hole – that makes me really FUCKIN horny!

  23. POSTED: 07/02/03 – 14:40
    NAME wetskin
    EMAIL wetskin001@hotmail.com
    POST Better still if skinmate stands over pair of u and soaks the licker/arsecrack in piss – FUKKIN NICE ONE!

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