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Rubber Life

by: rubberboy

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The story starts with a bit about me.Ive always loved rubber. loved the smell,look,feel,etc, So its no supprise that now at 34 ive got a fair bit of gear.

Ive got the works realy suits.hoods.gags restraints but to be honest ive never realy found the guy to do what i need done to me.Untill last week!

I was heading out for a drink with a couple of m8s we headed out early just after 6pm as id had a shit know the ones where everything goes by the time the first vodka hit the glass i realy needed it.

We had all been in the pub for about an hour when 2 guys walked in, both about 6 ft tall shaved heads, one in particular was realy handsome.he was wearing a tight white T shirt that realy showed off a big well worked chest and the faint outline of a 6 pack.not to mention the biceps that stretched the t shirt each time he took a drink.tight leather jeans and boots completed his outfit."must be a biker" i thought

For the next hour as my m8s and i were chatting i kept glancing over to the guy and after a bit noticed he was checking me out too.a few times our eyes met and he flashed me a clean white smile.

Fuck" i was getting hard.just at the look of him.little did i know what that smile was going to lead to.....

"Hi" he said as i was waiting to get served at the bar."busy in here tonight aint it" Im sure my tounge was halfway out of my mouth and after a second i manageds to answer him.after about 5 minuted of chit chat.he said "my names steve" we introduced and chatted for a bit longer then as i was about to head back to my m8 he touched my arm and said." pop back over in a bit if u m8s heading off but im gonna stay here for a few more drinks"

Nedless to say i was staying too.after taking my m8s drink back and telling him wht was happening we waited till i saw his m8 drink up then as he left i wonderd over.

"So you from around here then m8" i asked him and soon we found out that we lived within 12 miles of each other but he had been working away for a few years and had just moved back to the area.

As 9pm came suddenly steve said well how do ya fancy coming back to mine for a few drinks this place is heaving at least there we can chat ive got a fridge full of that was that we went in a taxi back to his place where he pourd us a few drinks and we went into his lounge and sat side by side and chatted.Soon we both found that we had similar interests from cars and cycling to music tastes.soon enough the subject came onto sex! So whats your missus like in bed then? steve asked.I laughd aloud "wouldnt know m8 i play for the other side" i said quick thinking sod it i got nowt to loose by telling him.

"Realy" steve said smiling that makes 2 of us."so what stuff do u like then" he asked before i had time to take another swig from my glass.well i like a bit of bondage and rubber, Realy?? he said looking shocked.crist that makes 2 of us.

We both laughed aloud for a bit then Steve got up from his seat and grabed my glass "here, let me get you another one of those" then headed to the kitchen.

When he came back i noticed he turned the lights down low then handed me the glass.thn walked past me into the hall.he had put some background music on low then after a couple of seconds he re-apeard.

"So what have u got planed for your wkend then" he asked.well i replied nothing realy ive got the whole wkend off just got to be in work for 9am mon i said with a groan."hehe yea same as"steve said to me.flashing that killer smile.Im sure he must have noticed me checking out his tight ass in the jeans he had on and closely watching his muscles flex in his top.after the first few swigs of my drink steve asked me "that ok"? yes i said tastes strong but its fine." good good " steve said taking a swig of his too.

All of a sudden i started to feel flush.and the room seemd to haze slightly."you ok m8" steve said. yea im fine but i feel kinda wierd.but in a good way.

Dont worry m8 drink that and your gonna be fine.Trust me.

Within a short time we were talking in depth about rubber. bondage and what we liked to get up to in it.Steve told me how he loved to top a guy and realy wanted a partner who was into hard responded by telling him what gear i had and what i liked but had not met the right guy to do it with.through his jeans i could see he had a huge hardon growing by the second." with that steve got up from his seat headed upstairs and came back down with a rubber suit in his hand. a bottle of lube. and a grin.hed also taken off his t-shirt to reveal a tanned muscular chest and torso.

"Hope u dont mind" he said smiling but it was hot in here.then he sat beside me and showed me the suit. "shoulder zips.codpiece.arse zip.small nipple holes.and small padlockes for the shoulders.Hope u dont mind but i dropped something special into your drink. Steve said.if u are not happy then we can stop now."no." i said im fine.more than happy.then with a grin steve stood up threw the suit and lube onto my lap and said."ok then i think u need to head upstairs put this on with loads of lube so its nice and comfy for you.then go into the room at the top of the there you will find a rubber hood on the floor put it on and just get on you knees with your hands behind your back.Dont say a word"

Needless to say i flew up the stairs in a haze. getting hornier by the 2nd and slightly more fucked as the drugs took hold. In the bathroom i stripped lubed up head to toe then slipped the suit fitted perfectly.i then climbed the 3rd stairs that lead up to the top of the a single door.when i walked in i couldnt belive it.A full playroom.rubber full of equipment.a fuck bench.and a metal bed complete with all hooks and ties u could think of..

I did as steve had on my knees feeling the suit tight around me slipping against the lube that coverd my skin.then picked up the hood, a lace and zip on hood that had just a large rubber gag in that was hollow with a small tube coming out of the nose or eye holes.I picked up the hood slipped it on and zipped it down the back the the cloar of the suit went well up into the base of the hood, then i placed my hands behind my back and waited.the gag.filled my mouth big enough to keep me quiet but not big enough to hurt after a length of time.after a time (who knows how long i was getting to drug fucked to care) i heard steve come into the room.he closed the door behind him and i heard him pick up something. "Now" he said in a voice that made my cock throb in the tight codpiece of the just going to fit these bondage mitts on you, i felt him slide them up to my wrists then fasten them tightlymy hand curled up in the mitt.then in a flash he conected the 2 behind my back.then he added some leg cuffs i felt him fasten each leather strap just above my ankle then again fasten them together.i let out a soft moan.

Next i coud feel him start to lace my hood up tight tighter and tighter till it became part of my face.then he finished off that with a leather colar that i felt him fasten till it was just slightly tighter than comfortable and heard a sharp click as he padlocked it on.2 smaller clicks indicated that the padlocks were on the suit .

"Ok" steve said now your comfortable you have a can agree to let me do WHATEVER i decide to do to u.and no matter what i do you have NO choice in it.all i can say is it wont involve anyone but YOU and ME..Or you can decide u want to come out of this now and we just have a few drinks and you can get a taxi home.

So do u want me?? mmmmmmpph i groand shaking my head in approval. "you sure" steve asked. MMMMMPPPH i groand shaking my head harder as if to emphasise the point.I wanted him I wanted him no matter what i had to endure i knew tonight i was going to get what id always dreamt of.

Ok you want it.just to make sure steve i can do anything i like to you even if it means it could hurt.mmmppph (yes) good steve said.And just one more thing are you ok with the drug thing.MMMMMMMMPPHHH thats my boi.steve said with a chuckle., OK then from now your mine.enjoy it......

I could feel him start to put some sort of harness on my arms behind me.first over the shoulders then back under my armpits.then i could feel straps being fastend down my arms pulling my arms tighter together and holding them to my back.then at the base of the harness i could feel one strap pass right around my body and pull my arms tight into the small of my back.

A cold chill flashed over my asshole as steve unzipped my and i felt a lubed finger rub my hole."your mine GIMP.totaly MINE" youve fucking turned me on the moment i saw you and i want u with that i felt his finger push deep up into my arse i could only groan as he wiggled it around.then it slid out.then a few seconds after it slid in againd Through the hood i was sure i heard him whisper that should be enough...

Before i knew it i could feel the rubber tightening.all over my body Not through steve doing anything but some sort of drug he had given me i could feel the rubber become me.. and Fuck it felt good.

In my haze i knew there and then i was his i wanted him no matter matter if it hurt.felt good.if he made me struggle.cry beg.i wanted was right id arrived at the guy i wanted and i was sure i was going to let him enjoy me however he liked.

2 cold clips i could feel being placed on my tits Nipple clamps "here you go gimp lets just tighten these up enough to let u know they are there" and with that i could feel a gentle pain build as steve screwd them a little tighter.almost the same time i felt something on the front of the hood. "Lets start by seeing just how much u want to please me " steve said.within seconds i could feel the restriction of a re-breather bag on the front of my hood."thats it gimp"you breath there for your man.and when you run out u can beg me for air if you beg me enough and turn me on enough i may just let u have a small ammount.

Fuck i was hard.i could feel the chems surge through my body and the heat build in my suit as i breathed in and out of the bag.i felt steve fasten 2 chains to the back of my harness then tighten each nipple clamp slightly.i moand hard into the hood.and bit into the gag as it became harder to breath.

Thats it gimp if u need air u can beg your man for it. mmmmphh i tried to moan as the breathing became harder.and i could feel the desperation start to build.MMMMMppph i groand as i bit the gag hard and tried to shake the bag off... BEG GIMP beg your man for real.i want my guy to beg like hes never fucking begged before.

I could feel the panic build as my air became lesss.. then as i started to draw another breath.... Fresh air."good boi" steve said and patted my shoulder.u like that.?? mmmmpphh i moand as i shook my head.

Have a drink gimp.steve said and the next thing i could feel the tube from my gag being put into a glass i sucked the cold fluid into my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of being totaly helpless for this gorgeous guy.

I could hear a rustling of rubber and i guessed from the noises steve was getting into some gear himself.the thought alone made my cock throb.then i felt his rubber coverd legs against my back.and 2 strong arms on my shoulders pulling my head back and running over the face of the mask.Now gimp.lets do that again.and within a second the re-breather bag was back on.

This time as i breathed harder i could feel a surge in my body build up through my spine.the rubber became my master i felt it tighten over my body and head.making me its prisoner.this time i knew i wanted to be like this for days.

My breathing became faster and i could hear steve inhaling something."thats it gimp" use up your air.u need to beg your guy properly this time.he wants to see you the pain started to build in my tits i could feel the air running out.Beg gimp..... mmmmph.i shook my head and tried the bonds behind my back.i was totaly imobile.i could only move side to side.the chains that fastend to my back stopped me falling over.BEG my rubber cunt! mmmph.the air ran out i could feel the bag pull in tight and taste the rubber in my mouth steve laughed .Yea thats it.Now gimp beg me for it.u want me beg me... i struggled and pulled as the panic grew.the fear left me as i started to see the red stars in my hood i could feel steve grab me and put his head to my ear and whisper.BEG u can have this forever if u like.i noded to the fact i wanted it.then as i felt myself start to weaken.the bag came off.I could feel the fresh air rush into me.Steve look fucking hot like that.i want u want more???

To be continued...


Chapter | 1 | 2

Rubber Life
by: rubberboy

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