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My Life as a Skinhead Slave

by: Christian


I have been a skinhead since I was in my early teens, over twenty Years! In my hometown there were a lot of skinheads in middle of 80ās. I saw for the first time in my school a classmate of mine wearing green bomberjacket, boots and jeans. He was not a skinhead. I was so attracted in his bomberjacket, so I bought my own. It was a green alpha MA-1. The jacket was expensive. I remember that I went to a toilet and soon I had cum over my new jacket. Soon I bought DM-boots (10-hole) and washed with cloor my really tight Levis 510 and had my own bleched jeans. I did wear my new uniform with proud. I wanted to shave my head to become a real skinhead. In the same time I met a gay who was one or two years older than I was. I hadn't seen him in some years. I remembered him from my neighborhood as hardboiled gay, almost crazy. He was a youth criminal and stayed over the years in youth institutions time to time. He was the sharpest looking skinhead in my eyes then.

He saw me on the street and hit me in the stomach hard without reason. He was wearing a old, dirty green alpha bomber, tight and dirty leather jeans and DM-boots (20-holes) with yellow laces. He remembered me and draw me in my bomber to his home. He was laughing to my hair and promise to make me to a real skinhead in his gang. I was afraid of course, but I knew he was very violent person. I followed him to his home. His room was dirty and full of skinhead gear.

He ordered me to join his skinhead gang. He made it clear that when I was new in the gang I was in the lowest rang in the gang. I also had to give him the money I get and steel things to him. He took the shaver and starts to shave my head. After some minutes all my hair were gone. I saw myself as sharp skinhead now.

Then he took the needle and throw it in my ear and put there a ring. After that he use the needle in my noose. And even there he mounted a ring. Blood was fleering from my ear and noose. He asked if I have done some blow job ever and I didnāt know what he mean. He explain that I have to blow his dick. He unzipped his leather jeans and took his cook in his hand and ordered me to start sucking his dick. His dick was pierced. I was on my knee and took his cook in my mouth. After some seconds I felt my own cum in my tight jeans. After some minutes I had a lot of cum in my mouth and throat. We started kissing each other and was soon in his bed, smelling sperm, piss and other smells. Soon my tight jeans was broken. He turn away them with violence. He start to check my hole when I was liking his bomber and boots. I was so affected sexually that I don't remember what exactly happened. I remember that I had his dick in my ass and had a rough sex with him. First time in my life.

I spent the evening in his bed and over the night. On the morning I was avaken when he spanked me with a stick. He spanked me hard. I had nothing on me so I was hurt a lot. I start crying and grab his cook and start the blow it. After rough sex we was laying in the bed and my new friend explain to me that I will be his new sexslave. He gave me his old tight leatherjeans and I also had to wear cookrings and plug under my new leather jeans. He also took my new bomberjacket and gave me his old. After one more blowjob I went home. My new outfit was radical. Over one day I became a 100% skinhead and slave to my friend. I have to titled him Sir or Devilmaster.

The following weeks and months I spent most of my time with gang. We were five gays in the gang. My friend and three other horny criminal mates. We walk around stealing all kind of things. I had to wear blue bomber (with gangmarks) in the gang because I was the lowest in rang. We drank beer and other goods and fight with other gang (Rockabilly, punks..). I was the youngest in the gang and the oldest was in his late teens. On the nights I spend my time in my Masters bed. He used me, spanked me rough almost every time. I learn a lot of horny sex and my submissive personality was growing stronger. I still have in my ass the tattoo my friend made me (His name and crucified skin). I remember how it hurted. He abused me when ever he felt for it. He spit on me and gave directive what clothes to wear. He also pierced my dick and both nipple. He learn me to use poppers.

After one year my friend was placed in youth criminal institution. Every Wednesday evening I went to visit him. In the park behind some trees he fucked me and burned holes with cigarette in my bomber. Some times he hit me, or slammed me in the face. I visited him almost a year.

The other gays in the gang join other gangs. I also find a new gang and spend a lot of my time with them. Often I missed my friend. He was tough to me, but I loved to be his sex slave, dog. I lost my connection to him for long time.

I quit the school. As a skinhead I learn to be bad pupil, a horror to my teachers. I stayed in one youth institution for three months in my early teens. I had sex with many mates in the institution. I was there because of crimes.

After a year I started to find a master for me. It was difficult to find a skinhead master. I started to work in a big city and find magazines with contacts. I put my own contact in the paper. After some weeks I got a letter. An older skinhead master wrote me and wanted to meet me. We had a meeting one Friday evening in the park. I was ordered to wear silver colored bomber (at that time I had over 50 bomberjackets), tight outwearn 501, DM boots. He was about 50. In the park I met a muscleman, wearing tight rubber jeans, green bomber and DM-boots. He inspected me and said that he could test me as a slave.

I came to his house outside of town. He sad that slavery is almost total. First he tested me. He pissed on me. I learn to drink piss. My clothes were smelling piss, cum and all dirty smells. I learn to be dirty. After some weeks we decided that I move in to him. I quit working and became a 24/7 slave to him. He liked dirt of every kind. I was wearing dirty clothes. We had sex of every kind, but most of the time I was his slave. Sometimes when he went to work he close me in cellar, sometimes bounded. He had a lot poppers and he used it on me as punishment. Often I was wearing a gasmask, for all night, automatically refilling the mask tube with poppers. I got some tattoos and new piercing. I still had my ring in cook. The new ring was 2,5mm. My master usually put in the ring a heavy lock between the cook and the balls ( I got one new ring in my balls). I was beaten often during my training. Every day he came home I was on my knee and served him a beer. After that we went to the living room on the sofa. While my master watch TV I wear of his boots, socks and started licking his foots and toes. I could go on like that for hours. Then I bring to my master his home wear bomber jacket and cloth his leather or rub jeans or what he demanded on him. I worn for every day the outfit he ordered. Bomber, shirt and jeans. I didn't wear any boots any more except outside of the house. The worst thing he introduced me to, was the electric shocks, when my master was extra horny. He also liked to cut me. My nipples he burned with cigars sometimes. He also liked to watch me when he ordered me to masturbate. I licked his arse after every time he was shiting. I was fucked by his mates.

But we also had vacations together. We travelled to Spain, Germany, Netherlands and UK, during my slavery. He bought me my first red DM-boots (22-hole) and other skingears, like a wonderfull red bomber. In London I was tattoed over my pierced left tit: Skinhead slave forever and on my tongue "cum eater". I stayed with him almost a year. For some months I worked, but was too lazy too work. I spend my time with some skinhead mates drinking.

Actually I started too look after new master to me. I heard about one skinhead master who lived on the countryside. It was difficult to get contact with him. I didn't know much of him, only that he was a skinhead master. After many weeks I got the letter from him ( I had sent him some photos of me and detailed description of me ). I was told in the letter to call him on Friday evening at 8.00 pm. I called him from the phone box. He asked me several question and told me to be ready next morning at 8.00 am on the train station 100 km from my hometown in the village. He gave me exact orders concerning my clothes to wear and outfit. I started the same night. I shaved all my hair. I put on me outwearing old white Levis 510, red steel caped DM-boots with yellow laces and green N-2B bomber jacket. I put the plug in my ass and cookrings hangin back from my jeans. I slept in my bed with my clothes on. Under my bomber I wear the white tight T-shirt.

On the morning I took the train to the village and was on the place we should meet in good time. A red car pick me up. The skinhead who drove the car was about 40. He was wearing a greasy silver-colored bomber, tight leatherjeans and black DM-boots with white laces. He was pierced and tattoed all over the body. I was ordered to call him Sir! Every time I answear his questions. He was tough in every way. When we arrived to the farm he led me to a cellar. He checked my outfit and took my big bag and throw it on the floor. Then he checked my ass, my cook and balls throw my jeans. He opened my jacket, ripped my T-shirt away and throw me against him from my nipplerings. He sad that he would fuck me in the evening and then learn me some lessons I should learn. He opened my bag and unzipped his jeans and drug out a big cook and started to piss in my bag on my clothes. He grabed me on my arm and led me up to the house. In the kitchen there was a nice looking skinhead boy in my age. His face was beaten and he had several scars on his face and shaven head. My master left me with the other skinhead and left. The skinhead boy was wearing a ripped and dirty green bomber, greasy tight black jeans. He was very small. A piece of his ear was cut away. He said that he was slave on the farm and his name was "small toy". His real name was Tony. He served me breakfast and told me always to follow orders. On the farm there were two other skinheads and the master. Especially he warns me about Stinky. He was a brutal sadist and totally crazy and like to use his knife time to time.

After some hours I was led by Tony back to the cellar. My master ordered me on my knees and start licking his boots. I was rapidly following the orders and started to lick his boots with intension. My master ordered one other man to stand behind me. I couldn't see him in the room when I came in. Tony was on his knees looking on the floor. My master ordered the other man in the room to hit my ass with the belt. He started to hit my ass hard. I felt terrible pain in my body, but still licking the boots. After maybe 50 or 60 hits on my ass, foot and back he stopped. My master walk around me smoking a cigarette. Soon he made a hole with the knife in my jeans and rip them at my asshole and throw out my plug. He burned me with cigarette in my neck, it burned like hell. He told me that he wasn't intrested to fuck me yet. I wasn't ready yet. I was ordered to stand up and lay me down on the table. The other man in the room was extremely fat and wear a greasy, dirty overall. He was about sixty, no hair and a lots of tattoos. My master ordered the man; he called Piggy, to take his dick out. The man was so ugly and dirty and he was absolutely retarded or brain damaged. I was ordered to lick his dick and clean it up. Little bit of pre-cum came out from his dick. My master now gave order to Piggy to press his cook inside my ass. Piggy throw his hard dick in to my hole and start fucking. After some half minute a large cum was relased. Master ordered Piggy to piss in my ass which he did do. After that the tight plug was mounted back in my hole and I was pulled in the corner on my knees.

In the room there was also the fifth person, a young skinhead in black bomber, DM-boots. He had the video camera on his eye. My master start to hit Tony with the belt all over his body and kicked him all over the body with his DM-boots. Tony almost fall down on the floor, but he was quiet looking at the floor. Master ordered Tony to open his jacket and throw the stick in Tonys pierced nipple-ring. Tony scream every time the chock came. After 8 stroke Tony collapsed on the floor and Master pissed over his body.

My master looked at me and told me to stand up. The door was opened and there was now a skinhead standing in the room. He wasnāt tall. His skin was dark and later on I heard he was Gipsy. He was wearing a black bomber and black leather jeans and steel caped boots. He had a lot of rings on his finger. In the dark he looked like a devil. On his head he had a tattoo DEMON My master told me that he now leave me with Stinky and watch the video later. Stinky looked at me with hate in his eyes and told me that he would beat me up. I was lead up from the cellar to the yard. Stinky start to hit me in the chest and face. I felt how blood run out from my mouth and noose. Soon I was on the hit down. He start to kick me with his boots. Hard in off for me to pass out. I was awakening inside the house in the cellar. Stinky ordered me suck his dick after he held up to me a big glass of vodka. I had to drink that. The alcohol was relieving and I could not feel the pain anymore so strongly. He throw a bottle of vodka over my face and head and ordered me now to suck his pierced dick. I started suck his dick. He throw hard in my earrings spitting on me. I took his cook deep in my throat. I did a good job. He filled my throat with cum. I was quit and drunk. He left his dick in my mouth and draw me in my nipples. My own cook was hard and I felt my own orgasm was near. Suddenly he kicked me with his boot on my balls. I only saw stars in my eyes.

I was lying on the floor when he came to me and offered me a drink. I took the glass with my shaking hands. It was piss and whisky. I drank it all and fall on the wall. Next thing I remembered was when somebody draw me in a cell with mud all over the floor. In the cell I felt on my head. I felt some one was inside the cell. It was Tony. We were both beaten by our masters. We talked with Tony for several hours. During the next weeks I was fucked and beaten by almost every one. I also worked. It was a nightmare. I saw Tony only few times.

One day I was working in the barn and Tony came. He told that our masters left to the village to shop. I suggested to Tony that we should get away from there. We was only wearing greasy working overalls and boots and we didnāt have some money. But we left. We run for several hours and came to the road. A friendly trucker pick us up and we headed to the city. We arrived the centre in the evening.

We could not go to my apartment, we were afraid that our masters searched us. They knew where I lived. We walked to one guy I knew, an older man who liked young gays like me. I had been in his bed for sometimes. He gave us one room for small sex services and loan us some money. Next morning we went shopping. We bought new silver colored Alpha MA-1 bombers, red DM-boots (14-hole steelcap) and tight white 501. We were skinheads again. Tony went with me to train station. I knew I could fix us some blow jobs in the toilet to earn some money.

We become lovers me and Tony. Actually I became master to Tony. I pierced him all over the body and tattooed him. I fucked him hardly every day and have him between my legs while we were sleeping, my dick often in his mouth. Usually we did have rough sex with perversions but also sex with tender and passions.

Tony was a beautiful skinhead and was very submissive. We moved in to our new flat and I was working on buildings. Tony Was my toy and I loved to walk with him in the city. I loved to hang some heavy cookrings in his poor nipples. I plugged him and so on. In parks I fucked Tony and have him to blow my dick in toilets, busses and cinemas. One thing I didn't do was to give him for some other bastard to be fucked. But I could me very horny to him. I liked my new role as a Master. I felt that I never again could be a slave again. I treat Tony sometimes like my own devilmaster before.

We lived a rough life for almost a half year when suddenly we were captured by one skinhead gang. We were kept in some cellar bounded for several hours. The bastards who took us were a well known skinhead gang with really bad reputation. Later same night the door was open to the cellar. There was our old master and Stinky. We were drawn out from the cellar. On Tony's mouth they put a gag and on the head they put a sack. The skin took Tony away. The Master and Stinky locked at me and master told me that there were a guy outside who saved my life. Stinky scar a piece of my ear away with his knife laughing. Blood was running from my ear. Stinky collects ears, master told me. I was chocked. After some minutes my old frend, master stood in front of me. It was my devilmaster from years ago.

He put the handcuffs on me and told that we now go home. During the following weeks I went throw a hard training program and body modification. But I'll be back with that story later.

Now I live together with another skinhead. He is my master and I am his submissive slave. I have learnt a lot how to be a real slave during the years. First of all it's important to me to be a good slave. I don't think any more of my needs. Only my Masters need is important to me. I only think how I can satisfy my Master. My Master can be cruel to me and spank me only for his pleasure. I am a happy slave dog when I can lick his boots or suck his dick. I have learned that there isn't any love in skinhead sex, only rough sex. I wear the clothes my Master demands me to wear.

For a moment I wear a blue Alpha MA-1, platina red Dr Martens boots (8-hole) 1460 "boots, tight leather jeans. I wait my Master to come home. I just wait to suck his dick and please him. He will be home very soon and I have to serve him. Its interesting that we have a real Master-Slave relationship. For example He own me. He can sell or rent me. He rent me sometimes when He have a vacation. He also told me often that He will sell me on the market if or when He will be bored at me. He is rich and has many skinhead friends who visit us. He is cruel, but I do everything I can to keep him happy and satisfied. I am only a skinhead slave.


My Life as a Skinhead Slave
by: Christian

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